Place de la Republique


"El Tap" a good meeting spot

The Village

Maureillas las Illas, normally simply called Maureillas is just 8 kilometres from the Spanish border. The town has about 2.800 inhabitants.

Just 100 metres from the front door is a large park. There are benches, tables, green lawns, playgrounds, pétanque pitch and a stream where children can dip there toes. The numerous town festivals and concerts are held here in the park.


The bus to Perpignan, Céret, or to Amelie Les Bains leaves several times a day from the bus stop at the end of the street. Thursdays there is a little market in the in the village at “Place de la Republique”.

The local restaurant “El Tap” has its television running 24 hours a day, as is true in most of France and the local sport, the local passion, is Rugby. Experience the intense atmosphere when the villagers gather at the restaurant to watch USAP (Union Sportive Arlequins Perpignan) play. The nearest rugby stadium is in Céret.

The town bell tower chimes the hours, with 2 chimes for half past. On the hour there are first 4 chimes followed by the actual number relevant to the hour. This is repeated shortly after, for safety’s sake, should someone have been busy in the fields and not listened properly to the first set of chimes. Of course bells are meant to be used and so christenings, funerals, weddings and church services are all noisily celebrated. It’s a cacophony of sound, but luckily one quickly becomes immune.

Maureilles has a little Cork museum. In the past cork was a major industry in the area and production is still ongoing. Debarked cork trees can be seen s by the roadside on the way to Le Boulou.