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There are high mountains, narrow chasms, (Les Gorges de la Fou and Gorges de Galamus), bubbling rivers, a waterfall, limestone caves, marshland and wide sandy beaches to be enjoyed. Hiking possibilities abound with, amongst others, the hiking trail Grande Route nr. 10 nearby. This trail stretches all the way through the Pyranees mountain range.
The magnificent Mount Canigou (2.785 m), which is part of Catalonian mythology, can be climbed. Traditionally, the spark for the annual bonfires lit for the St. Hans celebrations (summer solstice), is taken from the top of the mountain. St. Hans is known in English as John the Baptist.
There are skiing options within 60 km of the house. The ski fields are at approximately 2.000 m's elevation with a season running from Christmas to Easter.


The best indication of the climate in Maureillas is to say that palm trees grow there. The town lies at the foot of the mountains and enjoys a mild coastal climate. On average there are 300 sunny days a year.


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