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Things to do

The area called Roussillon or Pyrenées Orientales (departement nr. 66), has unlimited opportunities for enjoyment of all types.
Check out this French website with it's extensive information about the area, or visit this interesting french site as an alternative to the officiel tourist sites.


Just 4 km from Maureillas is one of the most charming villages in the South of France, Céret with its 8.000 inhabitants. The picturesque main street, winding its way through the historic part of Céret is lined by 20 meter high plane trees. Every Saturday there's an extensive market held in the main street which is absolutely worth a visit.
Ceret has an open air swimming pool, cafés, hotels and many quality restaurants. There are galleries, ecological shops, together with many of the large well known supermarket chains. The town is also known for its Musée d'Art Moderne - an art museum with impressionism as its speciality. Here can be found a permanent display of works by Matisse, Chagall and Juan Gris, among others. The museum also houses a beautiful collection of ceramic bowls, decorated with bullfighter motifs by Picasso.



The main shopping centre in the area is the city Perpignan, 31 km from Maureillas with approximately 150.000 inhabitants. Explore it's charming cafés, restaurants, markets, shops and shoppingcenters. It is here that you can find the King of Mallorca's castle from 1200 a.d. and the historic town gates near Castillet (1397) with a Catalonian historical museum.
Perpignan offeres a lot of culturel events, see the programme for the summer.



Nestled in a bay at the foot of the mountains lies the charming ancient bathing town of Collioure, famous in the area for its painted fishing boats, its cobbled streets, wonderful beaches and the large Château Royal which forms part of the harbour wall. See webcam from the beach.


Le Boulou

Le Boulou is just 4 kilometres away with its large shopping centre, Casino, cinema, tennis courts, swimming pool, thermal pools and a good restaurant Le Grillon d’Or. Unfortunately the town is split by the main road to Perpignan with its overabundant traffic.


The Sea

A short 28 km from the house lies the sparkling Mediterranean with it's wonderful, wide sandy beaches. For an active nightlife drive either to Argelès-sur-Mer or Sct. Cyprien. If peace and quiet appeals then try the beach approximately halfway between the two towns. There are detailed maps available in the house. Try a family outing to "Aqualand" near the beach where children can use their energy on the waterslides and in the pools while you can laze in the sun for a day.

Historically speaking

The area bears evidence of being a part of Catalonia until the middle of the seventeenth century. There are the middleages towns of Villefranche, Prats de Mollo to be seen, with churches and monasteries, (Saint Martin du Canigou being just one of them ), roman aquaducts and stoneage caves. The remains of Europe's most ancient inhabitants were found in this area, (Tautavel-museum). On the border to Aude-departementet lie a row of Kathar castles, with the most attractive being Queribus.